Implementation of an integrated Community-based Care Program for senior citizens in Canton Basel-Landschaft

In 2018, the Volkswirtschafts- und Gesundheitsdirektion Baselland (BL) issued the a new law (SGS 941) to reorganize the care of older adults living at home. This law prescribes the reorganization of the canton BL into larger care regions and the establishment of an Information and Advice Center (IAC) in each of them. INSPIRE collaborated with Canton BL in developing an integrated care model to coordinate care for older adults so that they can remain in their homes longer.

Our implementation science project consists of 3 phases: development, feasibility-testing and evaluation.

Phase 1: we conducted: i) a systematic review to identify core components of nurse-led integrated care models for home-dwelling older adults; ii) we developed a stakeholder involvement strategy to involve key actors at the cantonal as well as local level; iii) we conducted a contextual analysis to understand the context in which INSPIRE will be implemented. These activities led to the co-creation of INSPIRE care model consisting of 4 core components and 11 implementation strategies.

Phase 2: a mixed-methods study was conducted in a IAC of one care region to assess the model acceptaility, fidelity (i.e. model delivered according to protocol), feasibility (from the perspective of the older adults, caregivers and IBS staff) and reach of the target population. We also evaluated needed further adaptations of the model. Our results showed that INSPIRE care model has potential due to its high acceptability and feasibility among older adults, informal caregivers and IAC staff. Adaptations to improve reach as well as fidelity to some of the components were integrated in the INSPIRE model.

The Phase 3 (evaluation) is planned to start January 2024 and will include 1 intervention region and 2 usual care regions.

Forschungsprojekt Universität Basel

Sabina De Geest